Our Partnership

Our Partnership

Rments partner Trust

Our Partnership

Rments is leading apparel garments buying sourcing securing quality merchandise with correct timing shipment. We are mostly providing garments merchandising, management, market planning, marketing, costing on those type of garments products Men’s, Women’s and Children and Uni-Code clothing are Woven top/ bottom, Knits top/bottom with good export quality !!!

We are collecting a buyer who is interested with garments business or related with that type of textile market area. We are inviting you to make a good partnership.

Anyone interested guy can consult with us and can be our partner.

How can be our partner?

  •  Choose your Sample garments,
  • Make sure or Approve the sample garments,
  • Order to make Bulk garments with Payments term,
  • Approve the bulk Sample garments for Shipments,
  • Then FOB shipment as you requires .

NB: As a Buyer Requires!!!

Governments support for Garments and Factory
while agriculture for domestic consumption is Bangladesh s largest employment sector, the money gained from exporting textiles is the single greatest source of economic growth in Bangladesh. Exports of textiles, clothing, and ready-made garments accounted for 77% of Bangladesh s total merchandise exports in 2002.Only 5% of textile factories are owned by foreign investors, with most of the production being controlled by local investors.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Workers’ Rights and Safety
- Support efforts by the government in Bangladesh, likeminded governments, ILO and international companies to improve the working environment for local trade unions in the textiles sector and support the efforts to establish a real social dialogue between employers’ associations, local companies and trade unions, including on wage issues.
- Through political dialogue support the promotion of effective and genuinely representative occupational health and safety committees as a mechanism for worker management dialogue

We are not only searching for a business man but also we are searching for a good partnership. Because we want to make our trade not for one time!

We are based fully on faithfulness.

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