Affiliate Earn

Our Affiliate Program Package

          Everyone can earn, so you are also one of them, Just you have to prove that you are a genius. Hope you’ll see that, you will be gain by yourself soon but therefore you have to work hard. First time really hard.

So if you want, we can work for each other! Like a stair! And this work will be continuing forever i mean for life time job or you can call a business.

Make a milliner with your own legal work with a business with us with your own knowledge. 

You can trust us cause our business product is all kinds of Garments product .Its called a real 100% Export Import Faithful business !!!

Now we are seeking a good business partner for make a regards partnership.

Our affiliate program instruction:
  • Have to collect a buyer (Who is interested to buy our Garments products for wholesale, apparel store, shop/firm, trading company etc).
  • Convince the buyer with good dealing .Cos we will try to make business for a long time with one buyer.
  • We are offering parentage of our business and it'll be continue for ever !
  • Make good communication in sincerely.
  • Every business is based on honesty !!!

NB : You can earn by good percentage for each buyers every orders after complete .

Our affiliate program is providing a good percentage of each orders purchased value for our team member!

If you want to know more about our affiliate program percentage or want to make join with our team then please Contact us at:
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