About Us

About Us

Our Team:  Rments team is a skilled and most experienced enthusiastic team in garments and textile area. We are leading Apparel Sourcing & Export Oriented Manufacturing companies in Bangladesh. Our products, production-quality is regarded in our country and also Worldwide. Actually we don’t want to do just business rather we want to make a good business partnership!

Our minimum sale quantity is 1,000 Pieces! for any products !

we have about 10 manufacturer garments company now just we have to collect the buyer And the good point is our product is Low cost but also quality-full products providing !
Our Mission & Vision:  Our Mission and vision is making a good partnership . And therefore we try to provide strongly at those type of work :
  •  Extremely good products developing
  • Quality Sampling
  • Client negotiation &  good communication (24/7)
  • Order accepting for Bulk production and try to accept at most payment option!
  • Strongly Quality management and work with faith!
  • We are Very active about the Delivery / Shipment with quality managing .(For  good partnership FOB or as your chosen )
Product Development: 

 Our Company Is 100% export oriented Company! Therefore Mostly we try to develop our production as a client requires .We build our product carefully by skilled and experienced workers and fully made by hand .Our vision is providing a good product supply and giving a good service for our client or for all of peoples. We want every man can use our product or most of business partner can be in partnership with us! Generally we are able to provide Men / Women / Kid’s: Shirts, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Nightwear, Underwear, Sweaters & Jackets, Trousers & Pants, Tops and Skirts.

1st we make a sample product (Shirt/T-Shirt) by own style or as a client requires. After building the sample product we will check the Quality by our merchandiser. And if the quality is good for delivery then we will reached the sample product by T/T or Mail or DHL or as you like choose!
2nd After review and justify the sample product you will check the quality then you will confirm us for revise / resolved the sample product or order for bulk production !

Bulk Order accepting:
After order confirm by L/C or other process, we will make product as your quantity and followed with this sample. Before the bulk production we will provide a bulk sample product again! Then if a client approves our bulk sample product! This time we deliver the production timely by shipment!
And most time we will be communicating with our client as our business purpose. Like 24/7 J

Quality management:
We are a new company named Rments. This company is provide Quality control system powered by skilled and most experienced Quality control management team! Our all of garments product are quality checked by our own Quality control management team.
Our Quality control management team also works for other company’s product checking and provides the Approval!

Delivery / Shipment:

We are build our business based in those attributes:
Regards, Skilled, Quality, Availability, Communication, Cooperation

NB : In our business 1 %  profit we are donate for poor children . At here www.mahanandas.com
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